Jalila Haider

Jalila Haider a founder of WE THE HUMANS, Pakistan is the first female attorney of her Hazara community, an ethnic minority in Baluchistan, Pakistan that is frequently victimized and subject to discrimination. She specializes in defending women’s rights and provides free counseling and legal services to poverty-affected women on fair justice, extra-judicial killing, domestic violence, marriage disputes, sexual harassment, and property rights. She pleads for human rights and raises her voice against the forced disappearance and extrajudicial killing of missing persons and genocide of minorities of Pakistan. Jalila is also an active member in the National Commission of Justice and Peace, working to enact personal laws for minorities in Pakistan. In recognition of her service, Jalila was nominated by her community as an independent election candidate for the General Election in 2013. She is also an active member of Baluchistan Youth Forum, working in collaboration with the Center for Research and Security Studies, to promote secularism, rule of law, and harmony among the people of Baluchistan and other provinces. Jalila has also become the 50 most influential and powerful Women of Pakistan in THE NEWS WOMEN POWER 50.she also selected as the emerging leaders of Pakistan fellow 2014, represented Baluchistan province with the other youth of Pakistan in USA. She was invite by Jadeja foundation as first batch of Pakistani fellows who attended Rajiv circle fellowship by Jadeja Motwani foundation in San Francisco in the year 2015. On her return from US she took back many ideas and shared with different youth group, and shared the idea that how can we take a proper step to implement such ideas through her organization WE THE HUMANS.

Shazia Ahmed Langove

Shazia is an emerging political figure in Balochistan. She was elected as secretary women affairs in 2010 and 2014 in National Party and still working in same position. Shazia actively represents women participation in Baluchistan’s politics and plays positive role in changing particular mindset about women participation in politics. She has served as a Coordinator for Interparty Human Right Commission for National Party (NP) from April 2011 to September 2012. She is a certified Trainer from National Democratic Institute (NDI) and serving as Master Trainer for National Party (NP) and has been part of NDI seminars workshops and trainings on different agendas in Quetta for last six years. Shazia is also a Researcher from International Republican Institute (IRI) and serves as Consultant for research with Institute for Public Opinion and Research (IPOR). Currently, she is representing her party in "Aman jirga Baluchistan" which is a platform to raise voice for peace. Shazia is at forefront in organizing events like" All parties conference in Baluchistan" under the umbrella of National party where intellectuals of All political parties of Baluchistan participates and made an alliance to work for peace and conflict resolution. Efforts of Shazia’s past 8 years revolve around the empowerment of women, youth and endorsing the social and political rights to youth and women by engaging them in social activities, seminars, conferences, workshops and trainings based. Being a part of many social organizations/NGOs, Shazia has gathered people and work for prosperity of Baluchistan and Pakistan. She also established a vocational training center in her hometown Kalat for girls to empower them economically by providing them skills and marketing their products. She has been recently elected as the General Secretary of PAUN and which will help her to make the people of Balochistan and Pakistan realize their power and use their abilities in every walk of life. She strongly believes that our continuous efforts can contribute to peace building process and youth and women empowerment in society in more effective manner.

Hameeda Noor

Hameeda Noor is qualified Professional Social Worker committed to making enable people to live and lead towards healthy lifestyles. Hameeda is Postgraduate (Political Science) from University of Balochistan Quetta, active member of human rights groups and clusters in Balochistan, majority of her work experiences are on Girls Education Promotion and Development; related to Women’s Rights and Empowerment in the region where women are very destitute and kept behind due to very strong tribal believes. Her work is recognized by various organizations including government departments by running campaigns for identifying closed schools which were occupied by tribal chiefs and landlords, her campaigns brought many positive developments by opening closed schools and enrolling kids in schools, which’s parents refused to enroll their girls in schools before. Did efforts to motivate politicians play their vital role to promote girls quality education. Hameeda Noor got opportunities to work all over Balochistan and few districts of Sindh province as well, she is leading the self-initiated, women-led organization SHADE; which aims to enhance girls education, empower women and marginalized communities.

Farheen Zaheer

Farheen, a human rights activist, graduated in Media Sciences from SZABIST with a major in Production and dreams to bring a positive change in the society through her documentaries and short films. She holds several awards and international nominations for her documentary based on Afghan refugees through which she portrayed the devastated plight of the Afghans struggling for survival. Farheen recently got fame in Balochistan for breaking the stereotype and working as a production manager in a production house. She is striving to empower women through her documentaries and recently worked on a music video which was dedicated to the women in Pakistan forces named as “Watan ki Beti”. Farheen holds a long list of documentaries that she has helped produced. She claims that her energy, struggle and efforts will never be in vain and she will be the voice of every suppressed women of her society.