This year marks the five years of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)- a mammoth ambitious geostrategic initiative in contemporary history of the world politics. Announced by President Xi in 2013 during his two historic visits to Kazakhstan and Indonesia, the initiative has thus far been the largest wherein 65 countries have consented to be part of this initiative, over 200,000 jobs has been created, investment exceeds $70 billion mark, 75 overseas joint economic projects were initiated, 38 bilateral agreements were made between China and other countries, 403 direct flight routes have been established, new shipping routes connecting 47 countries began, in the first half of the year 2018, 7.48 B $ has been invested while 47.8 B $ new engineering contracts have been awarded. Along with other important Corridors, China Pakistan Economic Corridor has remained the crown and flagship project of the BRI hence making Pakistan at the crossroads of this gigantic and fate changing Chinese initiative having the potential to transform the region. From concept to action and from planning to implementation, BRI has put forward tremendous amount of opportunity for Pakistan as well to get the maximum fruits and benefits.

Keeping in view the significance of this important initiative, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies has taken this important step to establish “Centre for BRI and CPEC”. This Centre is meant to provide groundbreaking research, advocacy, training, dialogue and consultancy services in order to ensure Pakistan’s effective, constructive, efficient and valuable contribution towards this path breaking project for the benefit of the communities in the country and the region. This Centre is meant to increase Pakistan relations with People’s Republic of China to the next best level through effective people to people contacts and strengthening the relationship beyond horizon.