For the successful implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), there is a strong need for the nationwide awareness, willingness, and solidarity at the public and private sector level. Like other countries, Pakistan is adhering and agreeing to work in partnership with the development organization on SDGs mentioned. Even after passing for several years the goals have yet to meet its due standards. While looking at the overall progress in Pakistan over the SDGs, there has been a realization that there is a lack of coherence in terms of implementing all the required goals and projects.

In this regard, Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies is proposing to organize district level conferences on sustainable development across Pakistan. Those conferences will help in collecting data on grass root development in the very local level and will further help SDGs implementation processes in the long run.

District Sustainable Development Conference is a public engagement initiative to create support in favor of Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs in the grass root level including all district of Pakistan.

The initiative will help in promoting partnership to achieve the SDGs among the public and private sector as well as will present the status quo of the districts level progress and will outline a broader strategy for SDGs implementation in the grass root level. Additionally, “District Sustainable Development Conferences will enhance the understanding of the global goals in the local level.

Twelve most backward district where the poverty ratio is above 70 % has been chosen to organize DSDCs within 2018 in the first phase.

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