EYWLC Program Manager

Gulalai Jogezai

Gulalai, from a Pashtun tribal family of Loralai, Baluchistan, is striving to bridge the gap between women and education. Despite belonging to an area of limited opportunities, especially for women, Gulalai paved a path for herself through academic excellence and family support. She obtained a bachelor’s degree with distinction, a masters in economics, and MPhil degree in development studies from Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE). As a co-founder of Civic Face Pakistan, Gulalai wants to create a forum for the youth of the country to interact with the activists worldwide and share their experiences and thoughts for building peaceful multi-lateral relations among nations of the world. She is also a researcher by profession, writing on grave issues of women, war and governance. Gulalai is also an “Emerging Leaders of Pakistan” Fellow, program by Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center which helped her raise voice about the prevailing situation of Balochistan in an international forum. She has always been on forefront to raise voice against any human rights violation that she ever witnessed. Gulalai already measure her success through changed mindsets. Convinced that one who has “walked on a hurdled road can clear the way for others,” she aims to ameliorate opportunities for education in Baluchistan and not only empower women but also help them be recognized as assets of society.