Building Bridges Through Informed Dialogue

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies (IPDS) is  Islamabad, Pakistan based independent, non- governmental, not-for-profit Research, Advocacy, and Public Diplomacy Think Tank. IPDS aims to provide strength to Pakistan’s effective role in Peace and Intellect Silk Road through innovative and cutting-edge research, effective advocacy, dialogues series, use of technology, education modules, consultancy services, well-built & knitted public diplomacy initiatives and engagements in the thematic areas of Peace, Tolerance and Conflict Resolution Studies,  Public Relations and Diplomatic Studies, Sustainable Development Goals, Inclusive Governance Initiatives, Women Peace and Leadership and Diplomatic Studies

Vision :

To Build Bridges Amongst Nations and Groups through Dialogue, Knowledge and Awareness to create a Peace and Intellect Silk Road for our future generations in the entire region.

Mission Statement :

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies envision as Pakistan’s first civilian lead and initiated Peace University to create and train next generation of Peace Builders, Development Specialists and Diplomats having knowledge and hands on experience to develop a peaceful and prosperous world.

Objective :

The main objective is to provide a neutral space to stakeholders for dialogue to share ideas, exchange views, experiences, understanding of the issues through innovative action research, trainings, and consultancy services and sharing of the practices from across the globe.

Aim :

IPDS aims at connecting diverse groups and disciplines including experts, consultants, researchers, academicians, non-government organizations from across the globe working for the communities in Conflicts and Violence for supporting to build peace, wage peace networks with the sole purpose of creating sustainable Peace and Justice in countries and communities facing traditional and non-traditional security threats.