Fatima Lodhi

Fatima Lodhi is an internationally known “Anti-colorism & Diversity Advocate”, also the first Pakistani and the youngest Asian who has taken a bold stand and has challenged the unrealistic standards of Beauty that have been set by the society and propagated by the media. She is one of the leading promoters of diversity and believes in respecting the differences. As Pakistan’s first anti-colorism advocate and founder of “Dark is Divine”, the first anti-colorism campaign from Pakistan, this iron lady has been boldly championing the “Dark” color and has also been to different places with the message of “Celebrating Diversity”. Also seen as a leader for women’s empowerment, Fatima Lodhi was awarded with the “Woman of Excellence” award in 2014 for her efforts and work in securing the basic social rights of women with disabilities and also those without disabilities. In her efforts towards an inclusive an accommodating society, where respect for all is a must, she was awarded with a “Young Rising Woman leader” award in 2015 and she has been awarded with the Paul Harris Fellowship by the Rotary International Foundation. She has been campaigning relentlessly against “Colorism” and the “Perfect Body Image” concept and is playing her part as an active player trying to bolster up the declining women on the very grass roots of her country, as well as globally.

Haneen Khalid

Haneen joined Global Zero in October 2013 as regional ambassador for Islamabad, and started working as a South Asia field organizer in February 2015. She is the face of the movement in Pakistan organizing activist recruitment, trainings, and campaign actions across the country. Haneen is a graduate student of public administration at the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Islamabad. She believes strongly that if we are to leave a habitable and living Earth for future generations, if we are to survive and thrive as people, we must look beyond nationality, race and religion and start thinking as a single community. In addition to her work at Global Zero, she is also the founder of the Progressive Youth Alliance, a student organization in Pakistan campaigning for the rights of marginalized communities, climate change and environmental protection, and international nuclear disarmament.

Nida Fatima Zaidi

Nida Fatima Zaidi is a media professional with demonstrated experience in Television direction and production for ten years. She has worked at Pakistan Television and established her skills in documentary, music and drama. Her talent in directing documentary & docu-drama has been acclaimed by National Television in Pakistan with four nominations as Best Producer for the years 2006-2010 and the Awards for Best Producer for the years 2007-2008. In 2012, her short film New Way to Peace a story of a nine year old Indian child received Exemplary Contribution Award for Peace Promotion, by Jang Group & Nutshell Forum. Her documentary BeySamar based on economic empowerment of women received ILO Award, by the Govt. of Canada in 2014. Zaidi, a social justice activist at heart, strives for bringing about social change through media and believes in using TV and film as tools for sensitizing audience and generating harmony among different strata of society. Her films use powerful technique of storytelling on humanistic themes: children issues, labor rights and peace. Her commitment to raising voice for women also acknowledged her as a women rights vocalist. Her academic background is a Masters in Psychology and a Masters in Communication.

Henna Atta Baloch

Henna Atta is an ardent Human Rights Activist, passionate entrepreneur and zealous Fashion Designer is currently based in Islamabad. She has been an active supporter of freedom of speech and right to (peaceful) protest. Apart from her participation in campaign against Baloch missing persons and anti-shia-genocide activism, Henna initiated, as well as actively participated in various relief works for earthquake victims in Awaran, Balochistan and Afghan refugees in Tirah Valley. She has also campaigned against violence against minorities in Pakistan. With her honors degree in Fashion Design from Pakistan institute of Fashion Design, Lahore, she has been working as a designer/consultant with various organizations since 2011 in development sector including Sungi, SABAH Islamabad and Council for Community Development, Balochistan. She has been working with home-based rural women artisans and entrepreneurs helping them improve their small businesses. As a consultant she has been responsible for training/workshops with indigenous artisans for design aesthetics and capacity building. Henna has helped local/home-based artisans exhibit their craft locally. She has also taught Fashion Illustration and History of Costume as visiting faculty at National Textile Institute of Islamabad.

Nadia Masood

Nadia Masood is a Development studies graduate from Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, UK. She has an extensive experience of working in the international as well as public sector organizations in Pakistan. Her areas of expertise include International relations, Conflict studies, Gender and Education. Started her career as a researcher in public sector she worked in different fields like Education, Women Empowerment and Knowledge Management and represented Pakistan internationally often. As a Trainer, she has also conducted sessions on entrepreneurship, career counseling and soft skills in different universities of Islamabad. Presently she is working in Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad.