Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Aleina Ali Shah

Aleina Ali Shah is a doctor from Chitral, dedicated to social and economic development for women. She has been working in the social sector for the last 10 years, starting as a volunteer at the Youth Affairs department KPK, and later on joining National Youth Assembly as Youth Minister - Women and Social Welfare. She was the first girl from Chitral to document a policy on Women Empowerment, which was presented to the KP Government back then. Using her interpersonal and public relations skills, she along with her team, launched Peshawar Youth Organization (PYO), which works for the betterment of the youth of the city and province. She also served as the first female President of PYO. Currently, she is working as the Assistant Country Director for Peshawar School for Peace. PSP, is a project of Peshawar Youth Organization in collaboration with Australian youth, started with an objective of providing students with a recognized leader in education sector to meet their educational needs and to promote interfaith harmony in a society, thereby entering KPK into the new era of mutual understanding through the exchange of cultural events. Aleina Ali, intends to give her all out efforts to all such initiatives which are proved to bring positivity to the lives of our youth, especially women and children as she firmly believes, an educated Pakistan to be the solution of present problems and miseries.

Saeeda khan

Saeeda khan, a young activist from the most conflict effected region of Pakistan, Khyber Pukhtonkhwa, holds M.Phil. degree in Development Studies. Saeeda has been involved in social activities from the very young, as she has received the International award for young people by Duke of Edinburgh at the age of 15 years. She specializes in promoting peace and nonviolence through providing free trainings to the young people of her society. Saeeda pleads for the human rights and raises her voice against the war against female education, gender discrimination and attack on schools in Pakistan. She has worked in the region of Swat for promotion of women participation in peacebuilding and now a days working with the school children of district Charssada, KPK for the formation of inter schools Peace council. Presently Miss Khan is the member of an executive board of a non-profit organization (HEDO) active in KPK, Pakistan. Along with it Saeeda remained IDRC Research fellow during 2012-14 and currently serving as a lecturer at Institute of Development Studies, University of Agriculture Peshawar

Amna Durrani

Amna Durrani is associated as Coordination Officer with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Provincial Commission on the Status of Women in Peshawar. She is a peace and human rights activist. Her key area of focus is gender sensitive governance through advocating and lobbying for pro-women policies and legislative reforms for a more peaceful and progressive Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. From a young age, she aspired to become a civil servant in spite of many major obstacles and life events. After completing her bachelor's degree in political science and law from Frontier College for Women, she worked as a teacher and later joined a local organization working on community schools. She later moved to Islamabad to work with Sustainable Peace and Development Organization (SPADO) where she coordinated a United States Institute of Peace (USIP) supported civil society peace building initiative titled ‘Pakistan Afghanistan Dialogue Initiative. She is Asia Foundation Development Fellow for the year 2015. She is an active part of volunteer and civil society movements in her province and blogs about peace and development issues at

Fozia Naz

Fozia Naz is from Swabi District of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, currently conducting her PhD research in “Folktales of Khyber Pkahtonkhwa: A Case Study of Swabi”. Her area of interest includes Archaeology, Role and Status of Women in Pashtoon society, dying culture and traditions of her region. She has organized various seminars, talks and international conferences on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of Pakistan; she has also participated in various seasons of excavation at Taxila. And also has presented various research papers on her area of interest in different international forum. Along with these academic activities she is also a very active social member of her society, who is working for the uplift of the needy, deprived and deserving students to attend the higher pursuits of education.