Mrs. Aqeela Asif

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Mrs. Aqeela Asif is educationist, social scientist, researcher, analyst, writer, columnist, media planner and diplomatic relations professional. She holds Masters in History and currently pursuing her MPhil in International Relations. Aqeela has represented Pakistan on International Forums by presenting papers and country reports. She is freelancing writer for print (Urdu & English) and electronic media and participated in different TV talk shows as an educationist. Her columns and articles regularly appear in international and national level newspapers on different social, economic, moral and educational topics. Her research interest includes media studies, Pakistan’s current affairs, international relations, social policy, and study of life history, philosophy and teachings of celebrities of ancient and present Islamic world. She has been awarded Gold Medal for admiration of her services by Nazar-i-Pakistan Council Islamabad in March 2013.
Mrs.Aqeela Asif is associated with IPD as a researcher.

Author: Sehrish Khan