Muhammad Bilal Khan

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bilalkhanMuhammad Bilal Khan is a young multi-disciplinary scholar who has been credited with Masters’ Degrees in Economics (GC University Lahore, Pakistan) and International Relations (Malmo University, Sweden), Graduate Degree course-work in discipline of European Studies (Malmo University Sweden and Roskilde University Denmark) and Human Rights 60 ETCS (IMER, Malmo University Sweden). By his profession and experience, Muhammad Bilal Khan is a social science researcher, teacher, columnist and human right activist. He has almost seven years international exposure of living and working among different nationalities in central European and Nordic Countries. Before joining IPD, Mr.Bilal served as Assistant Researcher in SFI, Denmark. He is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi and even knows basic of German, Danish and Swedish.

Author: Sehrish Khan