Resolution of the 1stStakeholders’ Consultative Workshop to Establish a Panel on Climate Change in Pakistan

Held on 13th January 2016

The plenary of Stakeholders’ consultative workshop offers its gratitude to the experts of Sustainable Development Centre (SDC) and its WhatsApp Virtual Forum SD Practitioners, IWATCH, Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), Institute of Geographical Information Systems (IGIS) – NUST, Department of Environmental Science (DES)-IIUI, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering– GCUF, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), and SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) for their pioneering work and all possible support towards the cause of PPCC.

The plenary of Stakeholders’ consultative workshop also thanks Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) for outstanding hospitality and excellent workshop arrangements.

Recognizing the importance of Paris Agreement 2015 on climate change and realizing the need and commitment of Pakistan for its implementation, SDC’s WhatsApp Virtual Forum SD Practitioners resolved to establish a platform to address the climate change concerns in scientific, ethical, professional and systematic way.

Whereas; a stakeholders’ consultative workshop held on 13th of January 2016 at IPS, Islamabad, as a follow-up, discussed and debated the resolution of WhatsApp Virtual Forum SD Practitioners.

Therefore, the plenary of Stakeholders’ consultative workshop resolvesas under:

PPCC Resolution 01/2016–Establishment of a Panel on Climate Change in Pakistan

Agreed that “Pakistan Panel on Climate Change”has been constituted as a think tank and alliance to address futuristic requirements of Climate and Development Agenda in Pakistan, with the following vision and mission:

PPCC Vision: A professional, independent and trust worthy think tank of civil society, academia and other relevant stakeholders that provides science based technical support to the public and private sectors and civil society organizations in Pakistan and South Asia in climate change matters including policy, plans, strategies and programmes of social, economic and environmental sectors, especially for water, food and energy security.

PPCC Mission: Continuing efforts by contributing knowledge for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Pakistan by influencing decision making  and mainstreaming climate change concerns in sectoral policies, legislation, plans and programmes through advocacy, awareness raising, capacity building, providing guidance, promoting research and national and regional linkages.

Approved by the Plenary of 1st Stakeholders’ Consultative Workshop