Pakistan SCO Business Council


Pakistan SCO Business Council Keeping in view “E” PSCOFF objective of Enhancing Economic, Entrepreneurial linkages with the SCO region, IPD under its project Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum, launched “Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Business Council” in a ceremony held wherein representative Ambassadors of Permanent Member Countries of SCO and members of The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry were present to support the establishment of the Pak-SCO Business Council. The Business Council is established keeping in view the upcoming presence of Pakistan as a permanent member country in the upcoming several summits of SCO member countries. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is larger regional grouping and emerging alliance of countries of the region for peace, prosperity and development. Pak-SCO Business Council is meant to open new doors for the Business community and Pakistani Business community is ready to explore the possibilities of the cooperation with the counterparts in the member countries of SCO. The Business council is currently in process to arrange several business opportunities or the business groups and enterprises from across Pakistan to connect with the larger business community of the region.