Pakistan-Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum


Pakistan Shanghai Cooperation Organization Friendship Forum(PSCOFF) is the initiative of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies. The main emphasis of the PSCOFF is to build the relationship amongst the communities and diverse groups within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member countries.

SCO is an intergovernmental organization founded inShanghai, China on 15 June 2001 by six countries, People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Pakistan and India are accepted as full members of the group on June 9, 2017, while Iran, Afghanistan, and Mongolia are having observer status.

Belarus was also elevated to the status of an observer from dialogue partner, and Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, and Nepal were accepted as dialogue partners. Keeping in view Pakistan’s presence Primary focus of PSCOFF is on Nine E’s i.e. Education, Energy, Economy,Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Expedition, Employment, Entertainment( Print and Electronic Media) and Environment to explore the possibilities of developing deep-rooted linkages within the SCO member countries and benefiting Pakistan and its citizens through “Connecting People and Providing Opportunities”.

The aim also is to raise awareness about the potential of SCO within Pakistan and jointly address the issues of the societies, covered by the SCO member states, through improved public engagement and diplomacy.

Shanghai Cooperatin Organisatin Region and Potential: Having 20 % of the world’s GDP, 75% of world’s energy resources and covering 42 % of the world populations with four declared nuclear powers, Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) was established in 2001 as intergovernmental organization of 18 countries, with currently having 8 permanent members including Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and India while Afghanistan, Belarus, Iran, and Mongolia are observer states with six ‘dialogue partners’ that include Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Apart from having a primary focus on security, the SCO has exceptional potential for deeper economic opportunities between member states. With the emergence of One Belt, One Road Initiative of 1 Trillion USD in multiple projects for building communications infrastructures across South Asia, Russia and Europe, this organization is having multifarious opportunities for Pakistan. With rising in the strength of Eurasian Economic Union having GDP of over 4 trillion USD$, the significance of SCO mounting high in the world.