Keeping in view the model of “Women Waging Peace Network” with an aim to have an inclusive and gender-sensitive public and policy paradigm wherein women and their voices are given the due significance for promoting the integration and presence of women as a key driver to prevent violence, build peace, develop coalitions especially in fragile and conflict zones, we have initiated an e-group “Samanbal” at Social Media Platform. The e-group has been established keeping in view that women are living in divided regions(AJK and JK), Refugees and Overseas in order to have swift communication with each other.

The group is meant to increase interaction between Women of Kashmir from Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) and overseas in order to build synergies, understandings hence moving forward the key objective of promoting the role of women and their rights in conflict zone i.e. Kashmir under the International Conventions e.g UN 1325 and other relevant documents . The attempt is also made so that Women through their understanding and concept of “knowing each other” build coalition and network of sisters for promoting the case for having the adaptation of UN 1325 and other International Conventions in the region.

We have also observed that there are only 6 women parliamentarians in AJK Legislative Assembly while similar is the case in the IOK. This needs to be increased and enhanced.

This is an attempt made in order to bring together women’s groups hence highlighting the potential future young Kashmiri women leaders within not only from the mainstream political parties but also from the several levels of Civil Society. We welcome dialogue, discussions, suggestions, and way forward for this e-initiative.

Purpose and Aim

  • Utilizing Technology to develop linkages and work in the area of Women Peace and Security perspective specifically related to Kashmiri Women and their perspective from the ground. Scope: India and Pakistani side of Kashmir and Global Diaspora
  • Projecting relationship and building alliances amongst Kashmiri women about peacebuilding and empowerment.