SCO Studies Certificate Course


Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies in collaboration with National University of Modern Languages is organizing one-week certificate course on “Exploring and Understanding Shanghai Cooperation Organization” especially after the inception of Pakistan and India as permanent member countries. This course has been designed for the promotion of understanding and development of deep-rooted linkages for the political, geographical, economic, cultural and business sector of Pakistan as with the communities in these states. The major objective of the workshop is to provide in-depth knowledge, understanding, and connections for better understanding and developing deep-rooted linkages with first-hand benefits to better explore the emerging opportunities and challenges of the region. The one week of the workshop is designed upon an interactive learning methodology with a holistic approach towards learning and understanding the SCO Region. Having 20 % of the world’s GDP, 75% of world’s energy resources and covering 42 % of the world populations with four declared nuclear powers, Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) was established in 2001 as the intergovernmental organization of 18 countries. With the presence of Pakistan and India in the grouping and recent emergence of One Belt, One Road Initiative of 1 Trillion USD, has given the next level of significance to the organization and overall the region.

Highlights of the Course:

  • Lectures by the Ambassadors/ Diplomats from SCO member and observer countries.
  • Visit to the Embassies of the respective countries.
  • Interactive sessions with the High Level Diplomats.
  • Experience sharing by Eminent Scholars, Academicians, Foreign Services officials and Businessmen
  • Fully equipped Lecture Hall
  • Up to date Subject Resources
  • Award of Certificates at the end of the program

“One Week Certificate Course on Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) is offered by Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies IPD in collaboration with ORIC, NUML National University Of Modern Languages to understand Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) from July 16-20, 2018 at NUML, Islamabad. Interested friends may join and register using link below. Register here before the deadline i.e 10th July 2018: