Mahira Ahmed Miyanji

Mahira Ahmed Miyanji, a social figure who is making her contribution to empower girls by providing free education. A dream to eliminate deprivation of getting education amongst non-going school girls has come true through initiative, Woman Is A Nation Welfare Organization (WIN), founded in October 2013 in Lyari. Mahira is one of those encouraging girls who don’t undermine her potentials; nevertheless she belongs to a lower-class family. Her father is a labor and mother used to sell toys. In labyrinth of poverty Mahira made efforts to settle her future, by realizing her worth from childhood. She started teaching when she was in class 7th and still has been teaching for the last 10 years. The organization that she runs and presides has a network of 2500 girl members. The most recently WIN’s team is engaged educating 70 girls in the afternoon. The organization is attracting a large number of students from various areas. She has always been an inspiration for girls. Her untimely and untiring efforts bestowed her with great regards and admiration among community youth and stakeholders. Moreover on behalf of her initiative she has been awarded as “Lyari Youth Icon” and “Karachi Youth Icon” by different organizations. Despite sarcasm from different people that her organization (WIN) faced in its early days, yet she stood bold and continued to work for the advocacy and welfare of her people.

Zanobia Ilyas

Zanobia Ilyas started off her career in electronic media in 2005 as a management trainee and hasn’t looked back ever since. She spent seven years in CNBC Pakistan and has produced over 1500 Live broadcasts on current affairs, several successful fundraising LIVE telethons for charity, filmed over a dozen documentaries about social issues including the role and contribution of women folk and minorities in our country and society, philanthropic activities all across Pakistan that are recognized even in other countries. She is also focusing on her series of short films and is authoring a collection of her sci-fi short stories in both English and Urdu. She is currently working in the Karachi Bureau of Channel 24 as the Coordination Producer for the Prime Time current affairs talk show “Mujahid Live” hosted by the veteran journalist, anchor Mujahid Barelvi. For Zanobia, every day is a new beginning and a constant reminder that she has to work twice as hard and diligently to overcome the gender bias in the ever evolving media industry of Pakistan. She is passionate about engaging and empowering young women esp. students from humble backgrounds to become an active part of print and electronic media through hard work and commitment.

Tahira Bachal

Tahira is a principal of Dream Model Street School, an International Award Winning school and a flagship programme of Dream Foundation Trust ( As a principal, she interacts closely with the communities directly and through Dream Model Street School. She interacts with teachers for their teaching skills development, material development, resource mobilisation, and conduct trainings for the enrichment in curriculum. She helps teachers create their own classroom curriculum apart from books. Tahira Bachal also leads small group of young girls helping them find out home grown solution, considering that they operate in a low resource setting. Every element is put to good use. She is co-founding member of Dream Foundation Trust and has been involved with the organization since day one as a volunteer and has played a major role in shaping up the organization and its team. She has also represented the organization in various youth forums within and outside country. She is a senior member of the RAHNUMA National Youth Network and most recently she became part of Activista Global Change program of ActionAid and South Asia Regional Youth Network of IPPF.

Mina Kidwai

Mina Kidwai is a social policy enthusiast and aspires to work towards human development in Pakistan. After securing Bachelors in Media Sciences from SZABIST, she pursued her career ambitions by a postgraduate degree in Global and International Social Policy from the University of Sheffield. Her dissertation is an approx. 20,000 word documentary analysis on the rationale behind Poverty Reduction Strategies in Pakistan. While being an international postgraduate ambassador of the university, she also served as the communication manager and was awarded the Student Employee of the Year awards 2015, at both institutional and regional level, UK. With a flair for public speaking and strong interpersonal communication skills, Mina was the only Pakistani to have secured 100% scholarship for the Rome MUN, and has bagged a total of 18 national and international awards for various Model UN Conferences across the world. For over two years, she had conducted motivational training and critical thinking sessions for a mother child training program by the Orange Tree Foundation. She firmly believes that education enables social integrity, wellbeing and human dignity. Mina is currently Associate Marketing at Aga Khan University Examination Board and wishes to contribute her skills in the education sector of the country.