Kashmir Institute Of International Relations

Maria is from Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Azad Jammu & Kashmir that borders near the LOC (Line of Control) with India. After successfully completing her degree in Marketing from the United Kingdom in 2009, she came back to Pakistan and started work with Kashmir Institute of International Relations where she represented the State of Kashmir at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva Switzerland. A social activist by heart and recently established a non-profit organization ‘Aam Taleem’, supporting children in poverty stricken areas in AJK. Recognizing the importance of education in her disregarded region, she also provides free uniforms, books and other basic start-up packs. Politics and International Relations have always captivated Maria. Being closely connected to Pakistan People’s Party, has been fascinated by the way in which the conflict in Indian Occupied Kashmir has no portrayal in the international arena and over time, political participation has deteriorated due to society simply losing interest. Therefore it is has become her desire to examine society closely and calculate why participation of the mass has crumbled. She is a dedicated and ambitious young lady who projects a clear and logical mind with a practical approach.