JABEENSocial Activist And Project Management Professional

Maria Jabeen from Gilgit-Baltistan is a social activist by heart and a multi-skilled project management professional who deeply believes in the diversity as strength of a society for significant development in true sense. During her Bachelor’s degree from GCU Lahore, her passion for voluntary work and activism got her to be a Global Xchange Alumni in 2009-a six month voluntary exchange program by VSO and British Council which gave her an opportunity to serve underprivileged in Pakistan, UK and Kenya. After which she worked as steering committee member in the British council’s “Ilmpossible campaign”. Being Deputy General Manager she led multiple projects of capacity building and emergency response activities in various parts of the Pakistan. Her aspirations are to work on youth and social policies to streamline eloquent engagement of youth in Gilgit-Baltistan. She utilizes her leisure time by connecting and mentoring youth with various practical platforms through social media and sports engagement. She has ventured herself into professional photography and paragliding along with other outdoor sports.