Mushaal is the scion of an intellectual family and is driven by a passion for art and philanthropy. She is the Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organization that works for Global Peace and Harmony. It also campaigns for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir Conflict and its main objective is to support all kinds of peace and nonviolent activities around the world. She is a strong advocate for the participation of women in active conflict resolution as per UN resolution 1325 and Millennium Goals 2015 of UN to involve women as equal stakeholders to opportunities to work, use full potential at every level of leadership and decision making therefore advocate and raise voices for Global issue. Mushaal’s love for art developed at an early age and her art work has been selectively displayed in Islamabad (Pakistan), Washington (USA), Srinagar (Kashmir), as well as various competitions. Besides art she is interested in political economy and has done her BSC Hons in Economics. Her inspiration stems from the raw beauty of the ‘feminine mystique,’ and the horrors of abject poverty. Her painting titled, “Shame on Humanity,” was inspired by the victims of the South Asian Earthquake of 2005. She is also working for wild life conservation and has participated in various animal rights programs including tiger extinction and hangu dear extinction in Kashmir by donating paintings of these animals and raising awareness of how to protect these endangered species. She sells her artwork for charity to aid women development (particularly the widows and orphans of Kashmir conflict).