Centre for Women, Peace and Leadership


Centre for Women, Peace and Leadership-Pakistan has been established in December 2015 with a vision to a develop a gender inclusive society in Pakistan and transform as a Higher Education institution related to Women, Peace and Leadership Studies. The foundation stone laid down by Mrs. Tawakkol Abdel Salam Karman, Nobel Peace Laureate during her historic visit to Pakistan.

This Training, Research, Advocacy & Dialogue Centre about this important subject has four major objectives: One is Academic Research, to play a leading role in developing a cross sectional and multi-sectoral approach to further the aims of Women Peace and Leaders ideas into actions as recognized by UN 1325 and other international conventions. Second is Training for the young women to provide the platform to young women from all the sections of the society to discover about the leadership skills and be effective agents of change at the political, economic and policy and decision making processes in the country to break the myth that woman are less qualified or not visible.

Third developing the Advocacy with experiences from the experiences gather from the Civil Society Activists working on the subject of Gender, Peace and Leadership and share knowledge with the young professionals and practitioners hence provide quality support to the existing several structures related to Women, Peace and Leadership in Pakistan in terms of manpower, research and academics.

And the last is to provide neutral space for Dialogue to the academicians, scholars, practitioner, activists and policy makers and shapers to join hands through experience sharing to develop impact-oriented strategies to enhance women’s participation and their role in Pakistan’s security, political and socio-economic paradigm.