Foundation Stone of Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies laid down by
Professor Dr. Johan Galtung
Father of Peace Studies and Conflict Studies and founder of TRANSCEND Peace University




Foundation Stone of Centre for Women Peace and Security laid down by
Honorable Mrs. Tawakol Abdel-Salam Karman
Nobel Peace Laureate(2011)
First Yemeni, the first Arab woman,and the second Muslim woman to win a Nobel Prize and the second youngest Nobel Peace Laureate to date



Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies

Building Bridges Through an Informed Dialogue

Institute of Peace and Diplomatic studies (IPD) is an independent, non-governmental and not-for-profit think tank that aims to provide strength to global peace through dialogue and diplomacy by sharing knowledge, research, analysis and policy development in the areas of, peace-diplomacy, peace-building, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and conflict management. The main objective is to provide neutral space to stakeholders to share ideas, exchange views, experiences, understanding of the issues through innovative research and practices worldwide. IPD aims at connecting diverse groups and disciplines including experts, researchers, academicians, non-government organizations from across the globe working in conflict zones with the sole purpose of creating sustainable peace in countries and communities facing traditional and nontraditional security threats.

Areas of Research:


  • Anti-Money Laundering /Terrorist Financing
  • Conflict Sensitive Journalism/Media in Peace Building
  • Illegal Immigration/Refugees/ Human Rights
  • Role of Civilians in Peace building and Conflict Management
  • Religious Extremism
  • Arms Control and Disarmament/ Small Arms and Light Weapons
  • Nuclear and Security Issues