Centre for Women Peace and Leadership

Centre for Women Peace and Leadership

Pakistan Centre for Women, Peace and Leadership was founded with the objective of advancing the role of women in Pakistan’s security, political, and socio-economic paradigm. The center was established on December 1, 2015, with the laying of the foundation stone by Mrs. Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Laureate (2011) during her historic visit to Pakistan.

This Academic, Research and Training Centre serves as a neutral space for academicians, scholars, practitioners, activists, policymakers, and shapers to come together and develop impact-oriented strategies to enhance women’s participation in various fields.

The center focuses on two major objectives: academic research and training and developing a multi-sectoral approach to further the aims of Women, Peace, and Security concepts as recognized by UN 1325 and other international conventions. The center aims to gather the experiences of civil society working on the subject of gender and peace and share them with the new generation. Additionally, the center aims to provide quality support to the existing several structures related to women and peace in Pakistan in terms of manpower, research, and academics.

The services provided by the center include advocacy, academic research, and training, including the Emerging Young Women Leaders Congress and Global Women Insight. The center is dedicated to empowering women in all aspects of life, and its efforts are aimed at creating a more peaceful and equitable society in Pakistan.

Emerging Young Women Leaders Congress (EYWLC) -2015, 2017 and 2019 –EYWLC Afghanistan Pakistan:

The Centre organized the Congress for Inclusive and Gender Sensitive Leadership in Pakistan to inspire and facilitate an advanced exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experience of leadership building and networking.

The Congress focused on shaping the future of young women leaders, preparing them with necessary skills and knowledge for successful careers in various fields such as government, diplomatic missions, bureaucracy, media, health, human rights, law, and international organizations.

The Congress provided an opportunity for young women professionals to learn from different ideas, experiences, research, policy briefs, and position papers, thus encouraging knowledge advancement and expertise.

It also aimed to showcase the potential of young women as future leaders of Pakistan and draw the attention of the state, government, and other segments of society. Leading women leaders from different segments of society attended the Congress, including Nobel Peace Laureate Mrs. Tawakkol Karman, who shared her visionary approach with the young girls and inspired them. Participants formed close bonds of friendship and togetherness, and EYWLC Fellows networked and worked in close collaboration with women mentors and leaders in their fields.

The services provided at the Congress included grooming and discovering future leaders, developing assets of change programs, networking opportunities for future women leaders, partnership opportunities with senior mentors in leadership positions, and fellowship placements at development organizations based in Pakistan.

Global Women Insight:

Global Women Insight is a digital talk show that shines a spotlight on the stories of women who have contributed to the development of the world.  


The show aims to host inspiring women leaders from across the globe to spread awareness about their lives, professional achievements, challenges, and leadership stories.  


The show aims to engage with women leaders in stimulating discussions to inspire actions and to help young women learn from their experiences. These conversations also aim to find solutions to the pressing challenges that women are facing today.  

The show is broadcasted live on official Facebook pages for national, regional, and international audiences and can be watched on the following links: https://web.facebook.com/conversationswithfarhatasif https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRN6KNyDfHfiNYj3xjR1o7A