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About the Program

The Institute of Peace and Diplomatic Studies, through its affiliate “The Diplomatic Insight,” offers a rigorous 3-month internship program. This program is designed to train and mentor participants, providing a comprehensive learning experience in WordPress. Interns will acquire practical skills in SEO, drafting press releases, crafting opinion pieces, and reporting on current and engaging events.

This tech-driven, multinational program focuses on writing, research, and diplomacy, aimed at students from across the globe, particularly those aspiring to build careers in diplomacy and communications. The program offers a highly competitive and multinational space with regular recognition and engagement from Ambassadors and Diplomats. Key responsibilities of this internship include writing, publishing research, communications, and editing. Interns will cover international diplomacy, international relations, development, business, economy, trade, and technology. They are expected to dedicate 5 hours daily to publishing write-ups over 90 days, write press releases, opinion pieces, and reports on current events, and engage in intensive research projects.

  • Open to students from any country with a strong interest in diplomacy and communications.
  • Excellent English writing skills.
    Passion for research and content creation.
  • Background in international relations, mass communications, or related fields.
  • Ability to create engaging and informative content.
  • Intensive training and mentorship, providing hands-on experience in WordPress and SEO.
  • Opportunities to write for high-profile events and topics, with regular engagement and recognition from Ambassadors and Diplomats.
  • Enhanced writing and editing skills, offering a competitive edge in the field of diplomacy and communications.
  • Potential to generate income through advanced content creation skills.

Prospective candidates are encouraged to submit their resumes along with a cover letter detailing their interest in the program, emphasizing their writing skills and relevant experience. Please send your application to

Three Months Research Internship Fellowship

If you are a recent graduate from any University across Pakistan with majors in International Relations, Diplomacy, Peace and Conflict Studies then send us your recent writing sample in English with your profile and resume at:

Important Note:

Before applying for this three months unpaid internship, make sure that you have completed your education related matters including exams.
Make sure that your written English and communications skills are sharpened Make sure that you are ready to take the challenge during your stay at IPDS and TDI.

For IR Graduates

If you are in IR Graduate with a Tech Savvy attitude then IPDS and TDI are your place to work. Send us your work samples and your backgrounds at for job placement. As we are a private entity and dream machine working to promote Pakistan’s soft image globally and build diplomatic relations with countries of the world,

The job placement is ONLY for hardworking and highly skilled individuals.

In your email to us do explain why IPDS and TDI should give you a job.